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Welcome to the Double-Tap Padawan

We are an Australian based site concentrating on

infomation related to firearms, airsoft and gel blaster.

Who is the Double-Tap Padawan? 

DT Padawan is an Australian based newbie to the worlds of firearms, airsoft and gel blasters.

Follow my adventures in this new and exciting world as I learn the rules, gain the skills and join the fight for Airsoft and Gel Blaster’s to become legalised Australia-wide.


Learning the games, discovering gear, getting into the fight to legalise it and help Australia join the rest of the world in enjoying this game.


Follow our travels into starting pistol shooting with gear and weapon reviews and videos recording our journey in to this exciting world. 


Looking into gear that is related to airsoft, gel blasters and firearms. Reviewing what we ourselves are buying and testing out.

3V GEAR - Paratus 3-Day Operator Pack

3V GEAR - Paratus 3-Day Operator Pack