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Airsoft amendment bill (WA) filibustered by childishness and nonsense...

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Why anyone pays these people to run the country I have no idea. 

See the video here of how the amendment by the right Hon. Aaron Stonehouse

Pierre Yang wasted time just to prevent this bill going through.  You can see in the video how he talks about 90% nonsense, even bringing up a holiday to the United States of America; for some random reason. 

This is your tax payers money in action everyone.  Used to stop a game from being available to play in Australia. 

Hopefully Aaron and other politicians will be able to eventually push through the Firearms Amendment (Airsoft) Bill 2019. 

Both the speakers that filibustered the act showed a complete lack of understanding about the game, the markers and the benefits of it (including physical, mental & commercially). 

Pierre Yang (connected to Chinese organisations until 2018 when he resigned once it was discovered) & Dr Sally Talbot (neither deserve the title Hon.) were the two childish and ignorant people responsible for the bill being missed out on. Both are Labor party members.

Link to the amendment:

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